Mr. Sailesh R. Mahimtura

Mr. Sailesh R. Mahimtura

Mahimtura Consultants Pvt Ltd, Mumbai
  • B.S Civil, From Michigan Technological University, US. 1978
  • Diploma in Business Management at St. Xavier’s College, Bombay

Meritorious Career

Born in 1957,

Mr Sailesh Mahimtura

displayed a relentless fondness towards structural designing with a certain inherent zeal. This resulted in obtaining an engineering qualification with a B.S Civil from Michigan Technological University, US in 1978. Contemplating a career in real estate,

Mr. Sailesh Mahimtura

successfully completed his Diploma in Business Management at St. Xavier’s College, Mumbai.

Mr Sailesh Mahimtura

has obtained expertise in modeling tall structures (40 storey and above), as he is also professionally trained in space analysis and finite element analysis.

Mr Sailesh Mahimtura

has completed an intensive course in Project Management and in conservation repairs targeted towards restoration of heritage structures. This course also renders the recipients with capabilities to design and repair concrete and steel structures.

A man of modern age,

Mr. Sailesh Mahimtura

keeps an eye on the ever developing technologies around the world with his extensive studies; when he is not indulging himself into his personal love for music in daily life.

Building Strong Foundation

After receiving his degree in Civil engineering, Sailesh Mahimtura put his qualifications to work when employed as a ‘Junior Design Engineer’ in US in the year of 1977. After returning back to India, he assumed the responsibilities of running M/s. Mahimtura Consultants Pvt. Ltd, as the Managing Director. After launching his company in the real estate market to an extremely successful position;

Mr. Sailesh Mahimtura

continues to watch over the company as a mentor.

In the years which saw the company rise as a structural designing firm;

Mr. Sailesh Mahimtura

took part in successful completion of some of the highly acclaimed mega-projects, serving for many of the biggest clients in the market.

With each accomplishment, Mahimtura Consultants Pvt. Ltd gradually became the massive enterprise it is today. The company has triumphantly completed variety of projects ranging from intricately designed mega-structures to a simpler version of some architectural designs. It was only 15 years back, as the company in the able hands of Mr Sailesh Mahimtura, propagated the high-rise trend in the biggest cities of nations such as Mumbai.

Today, the Mahimtura Consultants Pvt. Ltd provides their consultancy services with wide range of projects throughout the nation. From Kadala port to Siliguri and from Dharmashala to Kochi; the company offers its services to all corners of India.

Mahimtura Consultants Pvt. Ltd now has a dominant presence with 8 design offices located within the top cities around the nation such as Navi Mumbai, Pune, Goa, Bangalore, Chennai, Surat and at New Delhi. Under the guidance of

Mr. Sailesh Mahimtura

, MCPL helps to realize the dreams of many including the designers in the reality. With ‘state of the art’ technical expertise, MCPL offers structural designing tasks with practical and economical costs made possible by optimal design optimization process. Various clients and architects see their dreams projects completed, as the 550 of the finest engineers work under the mentorship of Mr. Sailesh Mahimtura.

The Assignments

  • M/s. Giffles & Rosetti Inc; USA

    Period of employment : 1977 – 79

    Position Held : Junior Design Engineer

    Achievements :

    bullet Worked as Junior Design Engineer in Giffles & Rosetti Inc; USA from year 1977 till 1979.

    bullet Was responsible for design of RCC and Steel structures. Also got trained in sales section & was responsible for preparing project reports, feasibility studies & detailed analysis of Downtown Detroit transit rail system & waterway systems.

    bullet Did independent analysis of 50 storey building & was involved in the restoration, rehabilitation of bridges, Temple, Mosque, Cathedrals and Office Complexes etc.

    bullet Designed 30 m span RCC box girders, bearings, RCC piers & pier caps for flyovers.

  • M/s. Great Western Finance Corporation

    Period of employment : 1979

    Position Held : Project Manager

    Achievements :

    bullet Worked with Great Western Finance Corporation as a Project Manager and was responsible for complete construction activities from surveying to finish of the structure / coordination between site & office personnel.

    bullet Worked on various infrastructure projects viz. roads, & bridges.

  • M/s. R. H. Mahimtura

    Period of employment : 1980

    Position Held : Partner

    Achievements :

    bullet Joined M/s. R. H. Mahimtura as a Partner and since then he has been responsible for total control of all works done under this firm including tall, 42 storey structure.

    bullet Has also designed bridges & space frame structures.

  • M/s. Mahimtura Consultants Pvt. Ltd.

    Period of employment : 1981 to till 2009

    Position Held : Managing Director

    Achievements :

    bullet Joined Mahimtura Consultants Pvt. Ltd. and at present Holding Managing Director’s position in MCPL.

    bullet Completed low cast mass housing projects of Shivshahi Punarvasan Prakalp Limited, Slum Rehabilitation Projects (Time bound Project, 24 Months completion date Ground + 7 Building completed cost approx. Rs. 384 /- Per Sft)

    bullet Tall buildings, entire Hiranandani Garden at Powai, & Commercial Complexes in Mumbai and various Indian cities.

    bullet Also designed and Managed the execution of the Project of Nhava Sheva International Container Terminal at Nhava Sheva for P & O Ports Australia (Project Cost approx. 700 Crores). Designed pavement roads for JNPT.

    bullet Involved in the Development of low cost Mass Housing Research & Development using Catenary Slab System.

    bullet Designed over 1500 multi-storied (30 to 50 stories) high – rise structures in various cities of India.

    bullet Designed 75 to 100 story and above structures in other countries.

Current Assignment

Mahimtura group

Period of employment : 2009 to till date

Position Held : Mentor

Achievements :

bullet Is upgraded to Head, Mahimtura group as a Mentor for their expansion into different parts / cities in India.