Man With A Vision

Sailesh Mahimtura

is a name standing tall behind an accurate assessment of the conditions of real estate market in Mumbai.

He is someone who foresaw the inevitable sluggishness in the market and thus rightfully predicted new development approval / sanction norms and its stringent implementation by the statutory authority in the city subsequently. Thus the expected doom that the real estate market suffered in 2009 is the predicament anticipated by Mr. Sailesh Mahimtura through years of market studies.

The Goal

The major contribution from

Sailesh Mahimtura

lies in the successful completion of many landmark structures helping the MCPL to conjure up the acclaim it has achieved. Besides the core Structural Designing, the company has prominent existence in varied civil engineering fields viz. Repairs & Restoration of old / dilapidated buildings, Infrastructure (Roads / Bridges) works, Marine Structures, Structural Peer Reviews, Structural Audits, Value Engineering and the Project Management Consultancy (PMC).

In MCPL, over 400 plus experienced engineers invest their expertise with a repository of latest structural analysis softwares. Each project is thus a result of the use of most latest and quite unique design concepts encouraged by

Sailesh Mahimtura

leading to an utmost satisfactory outcome.

With each accomplishments, Sailesh Mahimtura act as the wind beneath the sails for MCPL as the company grow beyond anyone’s expectation creating a new benchmark on its way. With its unyielding existence through 60 years in the Indian market, MCPL has become a renowned structural designing firm with Mr. Sailesh Mahimtura at the helm.